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Soothe Your Skin With the African Superfood: Baobab - The Anti-aging and Repairing Magical Ingredient

 Old traditional African plants such as Baobab ("Bay" + "Uh" + "Bab") are rightfully reappearing in our skincare, diets, and routines. This magic oil has been studied and used extensively in dental care, skincare, and hair care.  Read on for more on the miracles that Baobab products will grant you. Isi Muhu, Kuka, Ose, Mbuyu, the Mighty Baobab tree goes by different African names. It’s also referred to as the “Tree of Life''. Every part of this, the largest succulent plant in the world, was used either as food or to treat a wide variety of ailments such as fever, weight loss, low immunity, and abdominal discomfort.   How will Baobab enhance my skin/change my life?  +  Repairs dry and...

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